Find innovative trends, technologies and threats with the Aviation Innovation Radar

Collaborate with industry leaders to solve the most relevant challenges of the industry and accelerate innovation by discovering, evaluating and rating the most prominent and industry-specific innovation trends, technologies and startups.

Aviation Innovation Radar


Screen the most important trends

The radar collates the most pertinent technological trends in the aviation industry in real-time. 


Identify startups for collaboration

Find the startups that have the tools, products and capabilities you’re looking for in the Opportunities section.


Stay up-to-date with relevant news

With the news provided in the Inspiration section, you can catch all the latest updates in the aviation world. 


Accelerate innovation

Use reliable and accurate aviation-specific data and information to drive innovative solutions.

How else can we help?

Detecon Inc. provides innovation, business continuity and digital technology advise to a range of clients, from startups to global enterprises.  

We offer our knowledge & expertise in people empowerment, strategy alignment, and agile innovation management to turn your organizational ideas into scalable business solutions. Together with our partners, we support you in discovering your ideas, creating an innovation management process and executing it towards success.

Masterclass for Airport Innovators

10+ years of corporate innovation practice in a 2-day interactive workshop.

Airport Innovation

Everything related to fostering innovation in a highly-regulated airport environment.

Aviation Startup Scouting

Find the most interesting and promising startups to partner with and solve the most relevant challenges together.

Crisis Communication

We help align the workforce and drive the right message to the right employees in the times of crisis.

Unlock the full potential of Airport Innovation

Which trends and technologies are relevant for you? Which tool is right for you? What and how new technologies can impact your industry? What startups to partner with? We can help you answer all of these questions, allowing you to establish and execute a rock-solid strategic innovation roadmap!

Learn by Doing

Innovation Masterclass for Airports & Airlines

We have created a new learning format combining 10+ years of experience in corporate innovation and insights from our presence in Silicon Valley. The class addresses individuals with different roles regarding innovation in the aviation industry, helping them become champions and change agents in their organizations. The Innovation Masterclass is a unique format fostering exchange of latest best practices and industry networking. The two days consist of interactive presentations & discussions, individual as well as team exercises, and many opportunities for knowledge sharing. 

Innovate & prototype in-house

Airport Innovation

We have broad experience in providing advisory services in the airport environment.  We support Airports with executing innovative ideas and collaborating with start-ups, adding value and enriching the experience of passengers, employees, and airlines. One example of our work with Airports is the San Diego International Airport Innovation Lab. 

Recognize opportunities for growth

Aviation Startup Scouting

As more and more new market entrants are threatening the aviation industry, it is absolutely crucial to keep one step ahead to prevent unforseen surprises from threatening competitors and technologies, or to actively recognize and create growth opportunities by partnering with startups and technology vendors. 

Crisis Management

Crisis Communication

We have broad experience in providing advisory services in workforce alignment and internal communication.  We support a wide variety of businesses with our digital tools and solutions. Driving the right message to the right people is critical in the times of crisis and we have all the tools to support you. 

So much useful and immediately applicable knowledge!

“I had an opportunity to learn from and connect with innovation practitioners across different industries and walked away with so much useful and immediately applicable knowledge. Such a valuable session and I would highly recommend it!”

Digital Technology & Innovation LeadGenentech

Our Partner 

Innovation Software

The ITONICS platform provides high-class innovation software that allows you to monitor, prioritise and evaluate the most prominent technological trends and startups that can integrate with your innovation strategy. Collaborate with industry experts to bring data into context. You can make informed decisions about the right investments and partnerships for a solid innovation roadmap.

Who We Are

Detecon Inc. provides innovation, growth and digital technology advise to a range of clients from startups to global enterprises. Our core expertise includes growth advisory based on OKRs, innovation empowerment and connectivity services. We assist our clients to harness the latest technologies, agile frameworks and business models to drive step change performance improvements. Detecon Inc. is part of the Detecon Group.

The Detecon Group is a 1,200 person strong innovation-consulting powerhouse of Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile and pioneer in digital strategy advisory. Detecon supports companies from all domains to adapt their business models and operational processes to the competitive conditions and customer requirements of the digitalized, globalized economy with state-of-the-art communication and information technology.

Philipp Schett

Philipp Schett

Director, Innovation

Philipp Schett, the Director of Innovation, is an expert in people empowerment, ecosystem building and strategic alignment. He brings over 10 years of extensive experience in empowering organizations to accelerate growth from inside, applying the methodologies of open innovation.

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