Detecon Telco Radar

The Detecon Telco Radar provides valuable insights into a myriad of opportunities (telco startups) and inspirations (technology stories) in one simple, easy-to-use platform

Find opportunities for partnerships or M&A

Gain access to the most innovative startups within the telecommunications space to scope out emerging technologies, methodologies, and opportunities for partnerships or M&A

Stay ahead of disruptive technologies

Always stay informed with the newest and most innovative competitors within the telco industry


How can a business identify innovations in the telco sector and respond appropriately to startup threats and opportunities?

Most telecommunication companies have struggled to monetize the immense amount of data flowing through their networks. As their traditional messaging and voice services become more and more commoditized by over-the-top (OTT) players, telcos need to urgently commence modernizing operations and redefining their business strategy to stay relevant for the medium to long term.

However, many telcos do not have the capabilities required to enter new markets or create the required product or service offerings. In contrast, there are many agile and innovative startups within the telco space that can enable market share repositioning and new value propositions for telcos through partnerships or M&A deals.

But where can telcos or other businesses access detailed informaion of disruptive telco startups without expending excessive resources on research? Who can conduct the scouting, assessment, rating, and the prioritization of these startups?


Startup scouting in 5 relevant categories

The Detecon Telco Radar includes detailed information on a myriad of innovative telco-related startups and technology news, all in one tool. Built on the flexible ITONICS platform, Detecon’s Telco Radar enables you to set up your own startup scouting management tool to support your business strategy within the telco industry.

Every trend and startup within the Detecon Telco Radar has been categorized into 1 of 5 telecommunication categories. Assess whether certain startups can provide opportunities for organizational growth and transformation, or position themselves as threats to your business.

Telecom Infrastructure

Companies that provide hardware and software for the transmission and optimization of carrier signals


Companies which provide operational support systems and business support systems to telco operators and carriers

Telecom Operators

Companies which provide voice and internet services to the residential and / or business customers

Telecom Operations & Maintenance

Companies which provide operational and maintenance services to telco operators, carriers, and service providers


Companies with business models that are not completely reliant on telecom infrastrstructure, such as OTT players

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