Detecon Trend Radar

The Detecon Trend Radar provides valuable insights on hundreds of technology and business trends, as well on startups and newest ideas, examples, and use cases. Everything in one simple, easy-to-use platform.

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The Detecon Trend Radar offers constantly updated and curated content on valuable industry insights within your fields of interest.

Visualization of trends

The Detecon Radar is a user-friendly tool that allows for dynamic visualization through a multitude of filters and criteria in order to identify and assess key information.


How does a company adapt to today’s business landscape that is constantly evolving and impacted by disruptive technologies?

We live in exponential times where disruptive technologies frequently emerge. They can pose either a threats or an opportunity to your business. Consistently keepin informed of the latest trends and news in the relevant industry is the first crucial step in establishing and maintaining a long-term competitive advantage.

But how can established businesses access this information without negatively impacting their already limited time and resources? Who can conduct the scouting, assessment, rating, and prioritization of these trends and startups?


Trend scouting across 7 relevant fields

The Detecon Trend Radar includes detailed information on a myriad of the most important trends and technology news, all in one tool. Built on the flexible ITONICS platform, Detecon’s Trend Radar enables you to set up your own innovation management tool to support your business strategy in the face of technological disruption.

Every trend and startup within the Detecon Trend Radar has been categorized into 1 of 7 critical technology fields. While certain trends can provide opportunities for organizational growth and transformation, others can present themselves as threats to the survival of an incumbent business.

Automation & Robotics

Discover what intelligent machines and robots will be capable of in the near future.

Social & Human Interaction

There is a growing need for human and machine collaboration. Efficient integration and interaction between the two will be more important than ever.

Connected Everything & Cloudification

Connected devices will require smart networks and efficient infrastructure. Find out how this will affect your business.

Visualization & Interfaces

Borders between the real and virtual world will blur, opening a huge market for new products and services.

Big Data & Analytics

Technology advancements have allowed for analytics solutions to generate insights from big data through intelligent techniques and models.

Cyber Security & Privacy

As more and more devices connect to the internet, having state-of-the-art security is essential. Be prepared and take action.

Digital Business & Transformation

Disruptive technologies pressure organizations to develop agile business models, strategies and leadership styles.


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